A Little About Agro Insurance

When Agro Insurance started in 1982, it immediately gravitated to the business aspect of life insurance specializing in Employee Benefit Plans. Incorporated in 1986, it has become a full-service brokerage, contracted with most major insurers. Although deeply involved in the recycling, industrial and manufacturing sectors, Agro Insurance Inc. consulting services encompasses the entire business sector from transportation, distribution, pharmaceuticals, service industries, as well as professional services.

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Insurance Services

Employee Group Benefits

Agro Insurance will provide a complete analysis of your group benefit plan.  We offer a range of alternate group benefit plans … Read more about Group Employee Benefits


Agro Insurance Inc. is contracted with major insurance companies to offer clients the industry’s most competitive products. Mutual funds and beyond, there are many customized options available to meet your financial goals for now and in the future. Read more on Investments Group or Individual

Individual Insurance

Your need for individual insurance often depends on your occupation and your stage of life. Occasionally one product will meet your needs, frequently a combination of insurance products is a better fit. Read more about Individual Insurance

Business Insurance

Corporate/Business Insurance is a life insurance policy: Universal Life Policy, Participating Life Policy or Term Insurance. Corporate Life insurance policies are setup to satisfy the business needs. Read more about Business Insurance